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Poster: ridetheory Date: Jul 20, 2004 5:21am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: What could be more Democratic?

You have demanded a reply.(I would have been contented to have remained silent having given my opinions).

I have done no such thing. I have simply stated my opinions. I have, in a different forum, insisted that you explain your illogical statements, but not in this thread. This time, I just continued to post replies to you, and you think that means that I have "demanded a reply." I could care less if you reply, and quite frankly wish you would shut up, or at least stop steering the conversation away from this film about the AMUSEMENT ZONE.

THE comparison with Denmark is STUPID. The Danes were aconquered people stripped of their freedom and facing DEATH if they voiced opposition.

I only told the story to point out that people NEED to have fun in difficult times. The USA was coming out of a depression, people went out and had fun. People died before the 1939 fair, and after -- including a lot of Americans who went overseas to fight the very countries you're so wound up about. As you watch the Medicus films, and see young men strolling about, bear in mind that it's quite likely that some of them died on D-Day. And a lot of the women went to work in factories. Nothing wrong with them taking some time out for fun before rolling up their sleeves and kicking some Axis ass. If you don't like the length of time it took America to get involved in the war, maybe you should build a time machine and go back and grab all their lapels and scream in their faces.

The fact that some evil governments had exhibits at the 1939 fair is just your excuse to get all wound up again. (And, I might add, those pavilions aren't even in this particular Movie-of-the-Week.) This whole thread is yet another example of you trolling to get a fight started. (It worked, and I'm enjoying it.)

In 1939, the New Yorkers were well-fed , getting prosperous(in part due to their neutrality)and could speak freely.

Agreed. And going to a fair is a reflection of that prosperity and freedom, and it just amazes me that you're ticked off at people for enjoying themselves.

To say that the Fair was the last fling for usa people is to ignore the hundreds of days ,from 1939 to 1941, when the New Yorkers basked in their well-fed , neutrality- fed prosperity and freedoms.

No, it isn't. It's not the same thing at all. Some New Yorkers ignored the things you've mentioned, some were very concerned. (Read 1939: The Lost World of the Fair by David Gelernter if you think that New Yorkers weren't worried about the rise of Fascism.)

-If this had been a USA small town FAIR i would have appreciated the people,s enjoyment. But The N>Y Fair was a huge national event,concerned with money and power.

Oh, I see; it's just a matter of degree, not actual principle with you. County fair, okay -- World's Fair, not okay? What about a state fair? How about Coney Island? The 1939 San Francisco Exposition wasn't a huge, national affair, more of a large, statewide event -- would that be okay?

You just want to look at people having fun and complain about it, because it's not your kind of fun. And your angle is that by having fun, fairgoers were somehow ignoring the evils of Russia, Japan and Germany. That's a load of malarky, and you know it, unless of course you can read the minds of people on 70-year-old film. "That guy, right there! He's thinking bad thoughts!"

I have no more time to allocation and APPEAL to Forum members for support .

Anyone? Support for Cashel's position?

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